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Banish hay fever with Salt Therapy

Hay Fever affects 1 in 5 Irish people, find out how Salt Therapy can alleviate the dreaded symptoms of Hay Fever


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Common symptoms of Hay Fever are streaming, itchy red eyes, sneezing fits, a blocked or runny nose.

In more severe cases Hay Fever can cause frequent nosebleeds, postnasal drip, mouth ulcers, heartburn, irritability and depression.

Hay Fever symptoms occur when the body has an allergic reaction to pollen.

Seasonal Hay Fever will strike in Spring, Summer and early Autumn. The most common trigger is pollens from grass, flowers and trees.

For year round sufferers (perennial allergic rhinitis) triggers will include dust mites, pet hair or dander or mold.

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Hay Fever can develop at any age.

People with a family history of allergies or people who suffer with asthma or eczema are more susceptible to Hay Fever.

Asthma sufferers will find that their asthmatic symptoms worsen when Hay Fever is triggered.

Hay Fever can also develop at any age and at any time.

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Alleviate symptoms with Salt Therapy

Salt Therapy is a natural antihistamine which helps cleanse the airways of pollen, dust, spores and other allergens. Inhalation of salt aerosol is clinically proven to cleanse the respiratory system of the human body and to speed up the elimination of toxins.

Hay fever sufferers have noticed great relief with regular salt therapy sessions, significantly reducing symptoms such as runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing and stuffy head.

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