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Well Come Back to School






It’s that time of the year again, Back to School, so salt of the earth are here to help keep your children well all year round. The school books are bought, the uniforms are on, lunches are made and the school run is nearly over for the first week. Going back to school can be a great time for children. Although the evenings will be busy, consististing of homework and afterschool activities, the new school year means that they are back in a daily routine, learning new things, making new friends, playing and interacting.

It’s also that time of year that see’s the cold weather slowly creeping back in. The school classroom or playground can be a place where children catch and carry a cold or the flu. They can carry these viruses home with them and also pass them on to others. If you want to prevent this happening to your little one this year, salt of the earth provides salt therapy to those with respiratory and skin conditions.

Salt therapy also helps to boost the immune system and aid in fighting germs and viruses. Asthma cases have been known to surge as children go back to school so to stop them missing days off by visiting our salt clinic. If you think they may have already been in contact with a nasty virus and are feeling a bit under the weather, then why not take them down to our salt rooms where our dry diffused salty air will kill any lurking germs and help to relieve their symptoms. The first treatment is only €10. Half price discounts for a second or third child will apply.

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