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The signs of sinusitis

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Do you experience sinusitis? Are you prone to chest infections, colds or flu? If the answer is yes then you understand how draining it can be when you have constant headaches and you’re breathing pattern is disturbed by excess mucus and a stuffy nose. The colour of your mucus may give you an idea about how serious the condition may be. A green coloured substance may indicate a bacterial infection, yellow mucus may be a sign of a sinus infection, clear and watery is considered normal and a white colour can be the overuse of dairy products which encourages a build-up of mucus. A pink coloured mucus with other symptoms including loss of appetitie, fatigue, shortness of breath may indicate something more serious and you should seek medical attention.

Swallowing the mucus won’t do you harm, but you are reintroducing it to your system and it is best to spit it out instead. If you find that the mucus travels from your nose and drips into the back of your throat this is known as a nasal drip. the mucus dripping down the back of the throat is irritating and may cause a cough or make you feel hoarse. At salt of the earth we recommend using a sinus rinse in conjunction with salt therapy for both post nasal drip and sinusitis. Rinsing out your sinuses washes out the bacteria that can cause infection. Only use the sinus rinse when you need it as you may wash away protective substances if you use it too often.By using the sinus rinse before you come to salt of the earth you can clear the larger blockages and allow the salt to works its way through the sinuses and target the smaller blockages. Salt therapy will help to breakdown congestion and the mucus or phlegm can be expelled through the nose and mouth. Once this congestion gets broken down, the salt acts as anti-inflammatory, relieving headaches around the temples and tension around the cheekbones and jawline.


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