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Salt Therapy performed at Salt of The Earth

Salt Therapy performed at 'salt of the earth' is a 100% natural, drug free treatment.

It relieves congested airways, coughs, sleepless nights due to asthma attacks and other symptoms.
Salt Therapy is a clinically tested DRUG-FREE treatment, which replicates the healing microclimate within a naturally occurring salt cave.  This is achieved by using high dispersion, saline diffused air. The dry, diffused  salty air is breathed in to relieve   health problems such as chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD), asthma, sinusitis and other respiratory and skin conditions.

While modern pharmaceuticals provide effective relief from chronic diseases, there are serious side effects associated with repeated or prolonged use. Continuous drug therapy is associated with the possible development of allergic or toxic reactions,  development of antibiotic resistent microorganisms, spreading of dysbiosis and long-term immune system compromise.

Our patients normally stop using their antibiotics, corticosteroid, inhalers, antihistamine and other drugs, not because we ask them to, but because they have become symptom-free.

Call 041 9846391 for your first natural Salt Therapy treatment or book online.

The Microclimate

The healing microclimate of a natural salt mine is recreated  inside a therapeutic salt room using the Breeze Tronic Pro medical device pharmaceutical grade salt is finely milled and accurately mixed with a regulated current of air, which is then evenly dispersed throughout the salt room. Breeze Tronic Pro is programmed to synchronise particle size, concentration, room temperature and humidity and to maintain the optimum, therapeutic environment for each client.

Therapeutic Mechanism of Action

The dry, negatively charged, salt enriched air is easily inhaled with the natural breathing rhythm, as the salt particles are very small and hardly noticeable. Because of this, the salt can be inhaled to the deepest level of the lower lungs.  This guarantees delivery of the healing benefits of the salt where it is mostly needed. Once in place it dissolves and attracts the positively charged, small impurities, which are later coughed up by the patient or leave the body via metabolic processes.

Call 041 9846391 for your first natural Salt Therapy treatment or book online.

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